About Lady Gwendolyn

Lady Gwendolyn

Lady Gwendolyn, an Animist, Norse, Paranormal,  Elevationists Witch following an Eclectic path. She is a Spiritual Community Leader, a Hostess of Central WV Pagan Pride, High Priestess of Rowan Temple of Light. Founder of Pagan Day of Prayer (March 25th) and Legal Clergy and Podcaster.

Her Paternal Deity Odin and Maternal Deity Maeve is influenced by her ancestry which stretches from England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, and Germany all the way to Appalachian Region.

From her early childhood in the mountains of West Virginia where she spent years exploring the forests, lakes, rivers, and streams of her ancestors, Lady Gwendolyn felt the call of her Ancestral roots and the guidance of spirits, wind, and trees shaping her into the person she is today.

Ultimately these guides brought her to study under many great leaders who helped her unlock her full potential. Between her spirit connections and training, helping others on their journey is now her privilege and sacred duty.

Along her path, Lady Gwendolyn entered a Metaphysical fair seeking healing and had her first Access Bars session in 2019. While unsure of what this experience was, she knew she wanted more. It had changed everything.

With the opportunities afforded during the pandemic, she refocused on her tarot readings and sought to learn more about Access Consciousness and Access Bars. Just as her first session brought her in, exploring Access Bars lead to an instant connection. Access Bars are practical, efficient, and effective tools built around the idea that you have a choice surrounding the aspects of your life, the ones that you have shoved into boxes into the furthest recess of your mind and decide what will create your future.

Focusing on herself and creating a new and better person that could step out of the shadows of her past, in 2021 she started #traumaandtarot. Trauma and Tarot uses the cards to look at yourself and know what to focus on so that you can heal from your past and grow into your future.

Today she focuses on helping people along their path, as well as Breaking Generational curses, finding the strength to move forward in their lives toward the better lives they deserve. Through her own struggles and the work she had done to overcome those, she has both the compassion, wisdom, and tools to provide the guidance and support you need as you step into the life you wish to manifest.