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Hello there just stopping in to for our weekly chat and look at what the moon is doing this week as well as what our weekly card reading is!

 So this week the moon is primarily in Leo this is a great time for building a creative exciting environment for achieving goals and building self-confidence.

The first quarter moon in Leo let’s talk change whether it be your health your job your financial projects this is something that you are going to want to start now the first quarter moon is a few days this week so we’re looking at Tuesday through Thursday so, I know it sounds like an I’m talking about a broken record with writing out your goals but this is the time to do it with the moon being in Crescent shape it is a great time for an if you are going to cast any spells or manifestations that’s a good time for it allows positive influences and anything to that you want to grow and expand so bank money.

Hold some money in your hand and make a wish on it and say this is what I need this is my desired amount and put a deadline on it small things like that can bring about big changes right now.

I look forward to discussing What’s in the Shadows this Week!

Card 1:  Temperance

Card 2: Hermit

Card 3: Tower

Lady Gwendolyn Speaks

Temperance is a representation of mixing things making them work for you the water in the earth the air in the fire in the Yin and the Yang. That balance

The Hermit well you have content in your surroundings you need to be mindful of not withholding too much as I have already talked about the moon being in Leo is wanting that self-confidence and getting out there so make sure you are not secluding right now.

The Tower being the third card is a representation of things breaking down so this doesn’t necessarily, your car is going to break down or things are going to go wrong in your house these are when it’s time to switch things up so it could even be the smallest little bit of a change it is a change nonetheless.  

So what that tells me is that you’re going to step it up and make it work by getting out and socializing more because this tower time going to come in and when it does you’re going to need all the support you can get from your family and friends.

Don’t be afraid, It’s worth it!

Lady Gwendolyn

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