Weekly Update 11/27-12/03

Welcome to the Full Moon in Gemini. 

If you have a month that tends to get you in trouble, You might want to stay away from others. If you think an issue could arise.

Why? Well with the Sun in Sagittarius (Fire) and the Moon in Gemini (Air), these are to Very active signs that can be a litttle to reckless together. As Sister Signs your either a perfect match or a Perfect Disaster. 

So yes, that is the Type of energy we are looking at.  

My suggestion take the Stregth of the Moon combind with Gemini Communication and Intelect and Create your Goal and Intentions for 2024. What does the next year of your Life Look like? What do you want to accomplish?

If you are Having a Block, Pick onefrom the 4 Catagories, 

Relationships; If there someone you wnt to reconnect with? or perhaps you want to revaluate your current relationship.

Carrer: Are you making the money yu need? What changes can you make to achieve the next level.

Enjoyment, Something you enjoy doing. A Hobby, a comedy show, Painting, Writing or Sketching. Make sure you set Self Care Goals. 

Take this time to really dig deep!

Card for the Full Moon is. 8 of Wands. Immediatly 8 weeks is the Timeline we are looking at. Quick Changes are coming so Hang on for the ride. 

Well Enjoy!!

My Schedule for this week is Eastern Standard Time

Monday 10 am-11 pm

Tuesday 8 am-930 am  2 pm-11 pm

Wednesday 10 am-11 pm

Thursday 8 am-1230 pm 2 pm- 11pm 

Friday 8 am- 11 pm

Saturday 8 am-11 pm 

Sunday 8 am-11 pm

Happy to be here for you,

Lady Gwendolyn 

Weekly Update 11/20 – 11/26

I am Back to work Full Time and Here if you Need me this Week. Being around Family and Friends can be stressful sometimes and I want you to know I’m here and understand the Stress that this time of Year brings.

So the message for this week is, Gratitude and Understanding.

The first card is the 2 of swords. This situation, Speaks of our 2 sides, what we portray to the world and What we hide inside, not everyone wants their personal life shared. Be mindful of that as you gather.

The second card is the Moon. It feels like we are all hiding a bit of ourselves right now and not being completely honest with ourselves. Be careful of what you surpress from your self.

The Third card is the King of Wands. Allow yourself to live freely this week, do the things you enjoy, be around those that you love. And most of all Laugh. Find some Happiness in your Life, it doesnt have to be serious all the time.

I hope this Guides you! And puts you at Ease.

My Schedule for this week is Eastern Standard Time

Monday 8 am-11 pm

Tuesday 8 am-11 am 1 pm -11 pm

Wednesday 10 am-11 pm

Thursday 8 am-11 am 4 pm – 11 pm

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Sunday 8 am – 2 pm 4 pm- 11 pm

Happy to be here for you,

Lady Gwendolyn

Weekend Message for Nov 3-5th

What a Wild Ride We have been on.

Enjoy the Weekend and don’t forget to step out of your Shell. You have been hiding for too long. 

The Message for this Weekend is. … The Hierophant, Princess of Cups, and Five of wands

Seek out the Specific Guidance that you need. Clarity doesn’t come from Blanket information. and I’m getting a bit of Reaping of rewards. and I see Awards as being recognized, appreciated, and acknowledged in some way.   

Have fun out there, if you Need me Ill be online All weekend.  Thursday 8 am-11 pm Friday 8 am- 11 pm Saturday 8 am- 11 pm  Sunday 8 am-11 pm   

Talk soon,  Lady Gwendolyn

Lady Gwendolyn Healing Weekly Update 10/30-11/5

So how are you holding up on this Monday? 

How did you Survive the Weekend? 

As gentle as I can be I want to help you transition from The Full Moon eclipse we just went through to see what is next. 

Saturday November 4th, Saturn Goes Direct. 

When thinking on Saturn, Remember the Story of Cronus Eating his children so they don’t over throw him in Power? 

Think that in our Society, our Lives right now. How are we the Child fullfiling the Prophecy. What have we done to Break down the Barriers and the Structure that was placed upon us and how will we rise?

Relationships, Jobs, Starting a Business, Increasing your Financial gain. Last week I said Become the Hunter, Keep that Energy Going this Week. Claim what you have always wanted. Its Not to Late. Who knows the Next time you will get all this energy pushing you again. 

Lets pull 3 cards. 

The Devil: You may be evil in someone’s story right now but be careful who you step on to get what you want.

The Tower: The Structures are Tumbling, Let them Fall. Pick up the Best parts and Rebuild. 

9 of Pentacles: That Moment of Satisfaction when you look back and see that your Happiness is within reach. Look back with appreciation, NOT REGRET. 

I am So excited to See what you do Next.

My Schedule for this week is Eastern Standard Time

Monday 8 am-11 pm

Tuesday 8 am-11 pm

Wednesday 10 am-11 pm

Thursday 8 am-11 pm 

Friday 8 am-11 pm

Saturday 8 am-10am (at Event) 8 pm- 11 pm 

Sunday 8 am-11 pm

Happy to be here for you,

Lady Gwendolyn 

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Shadow Talk: Finding Your Tribe

Welcome to Phase 2 of our Healing Journey. I hope last month’s affirmations got you through some tough times as the holiday season begins. How did you do with the Affirmations, did you get into a routine? How did you feel afterwards? Did you gain some faith in yourself?

This is an exceedingly challenging time of year for most people and that Faith in yourself is especially important. Not everyone is in the Mood for Santa or Elves and some feel like isolation is better. While I do understand needing some alone time. I hope for your own mental health you don’t stay there.

Something I, myself am currently struggling with is feeling like I have a Tribe. Where is my support System?

I have one of course, we all do. When your Mental Health takes a front Row Seat in your theater it tries to change the Program on you. BE the Director of your own world, don’t let false thoughts beat you down.

The People in your life play distinct roles. Not everyone is a person of support. Your Boss and Co-workers are not a place to speak freely. They are people you work with, and most of the time unless you really connect with someone and they become your work bestie, they only care about getting the job done, Making that money.

If you feel like you don’t have a tribe its ok, Lets touch on some things you can do to find your tribe.

Well since I work in the Shadows of Mental Health, let’s dig a bit into what we look for in this style of relationship. If this Helps guide you in other relationships, feel free to us this.

Alright, here is a Checklist.

  • Love yourself, Self Confidence comes in time, but showing yourself Love means that you are open to having love for someone else.
  • Self-Reflection What kind of a Person do I want in my Life? What supportive traits do you want them to show?
  • Join a Group or Organization that has people of similar interest to you.
  • Try Something new, go to the Gym, a fun restaurant, heard of a get together or support group go and step out of your comfort zone a little bit.
  • Watch out for people who are toxic or speak against your interest. You can be friendly, of course, however, don’t allow someone else’s view or opinions keep you from exploring your own.
  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable and accept someone you genuinely connect with.
  • Don’t be afraid to express yourself or reach out if Help is Needed.
  • Allow Kindness, Love and Trust into your World.

Good Luck getting out there and meeting someone new. I hope you find someone to be your support, your friend, your Family, Your Tribe!

Thank you for Joining me in Phase 2 of our healing Journey. Every month we will have an exercise to work on for a month. Since I identify as a shadow witch I believe in some Shadow work, so that will be incorporated into our steps.

Shadow Talk: Have Faith

22. Have Faith

One of the first steps in Healing is the hardest, Believing in yourself.

Knowing that you must first believe that you have the ability, the free will, and the desire to change, tends to be extremely hard to realize.

Most of us that suffer from some traumas have a challenging time finding the strength or desire to believe in anything. Why? What makes us struggle?

For years we had either Been Gaslighted, lied to, or put down so much that we tend to believe in the negative aspects of Life, that we are worthless, or told we are crazy. After a while of being told we have imagined everything, well we sometimes tend to believe that we really are the Problem.

When we are ready to move past the situation, we often seek out guidance. That can come in the form of friends, clergy, counselors, sometimes you Pray. Well, where do you Pray too? Who is going to provide you with answers?

Whether you believe in God, Multiple Deities or The Great Spirit or Earth, you have the Power to Speak directly to the source. Look in this blog I am not saying you are God or trying to give you a God Complex, but it is important to realize that the person you should be having those hard conversations with is yourself.

Let’s Get Started!

Affirmations, Say them with me.

I am Important!

I believe in myself!

I am Strong!

I create my own path!

My Future is for Me!

My feelings Matter!

I can make my own choices!

Say these every day and you may have to spoken reminders that you have found the Faith and the Strength within yourself and only you can rescue the new version of you.

Now go, put on some music, make you a Cup of Tea or Coffee and take some quiet time to reflect. See the New you in your mind and Who you want to become. Manifest the Greatness you are about to become.

Coffee and Tea with Aeson and Gwen

Aeson Knight is a master psychic of more than 22 years, a certified clairvoyant, and a certified life coach who advises a diverse clientele from average housewives to government officials, all around the world.

Lady Gwendolyn has over 10 years of experience in tarot and a deep connection to her ancestral roots, Gwendolyn Ravenstone has a grounded approach that provides meaningful insights.

She spent her childhood exploring the forests, lakes, rivers, and streams of her ancestors, being guided on her path in life by the spirits, the wind, and the trees.

For More Information:

Lady Gwendolyn: ladygwendolynhealing.com

Aeson: aesonknight.com

PCSP: pcspnetwork.com

Shadow Talk: Breaking Cycles

6 Cycles

There are a lot of things in my past I work hard every day to fix. It is a Never-ending Job trying to make things right.

Some will never hear your words and meaning no matter the purity,

I am guilty of that when I cut people from my life. I burned that bridge and returned those ashes to the earth, That Energy needs to be made positive.

One thing that brings to my mind is the Kids that came into my life that I was a mother figure to, if only a while. I was not the best for them. I honestly had no idea what I was doing. I always said I never wanted kids. But they came and I loved them as my own and I fought for them,

I am just now coming to the realization that I was unmedicated, I was not in therapy or receive and help because we did not know about my bipolar everyone just always said I was angry. My Temper caused a lot of Problems in all my relationships. it was not fair to the Kids. they are between the ages on 19-28 now adults some with kids of their own now.

And while I wish I could say I was a positive influence I can clearly see I was not. I am trying so hard to make up for that with Lydiah, teaching her about Tolerance and That Loving Everyone is the best way to Live Life.

I can only Hope that I am Forgiven. I am simply not the same person I was then.

People Will come across your path throughout your life that you will Connect with on a truly magical Level. You are soul mates for just a fleeting time, bringing you Lessons that you need for growth, knowledge and even physical health. Let me Tell you a story about Repeating patterns.

Would you believe after all I do, I’m still afraid to truly allow people to see the real me? It feels like I am protecting the world from the real me some Days. Well, there is a reason for that. Every time I open up to someone and allow them in, allow my vulnerability to seek through I lose that person or people from my life.

As I grow and learn about myself, I learn to appreciate them more. Yes, you read that right I appreciate them More Each Day. They Tau. me valuable lessons about the kind of Person I truly am. The kind of Person I do not want to be.

Did I fight these changes? Yes, I sure did, and do you know what? It was Hell on me. That walk-through Hell was the darkest of places. When Changes happen and you fight them it will play tricks on your mind and effect you physically.

Have you ever been so depressed that you get sick in your stomach, a fever, a headache, body ache to where you cannot move? It is a nasty side effect of Depression. I am not ashamed to admit that I have lost Jobs Due to Depression.

I have heard the saying that “Pain is just weakness leaving the body” and if we apply it to these situations where you have been hurt, betrayed, abandoned, and ghosted. Those pains really bust through.

Breaking these cycles are the Hardest. Why Because these are Contracts and Lessons your Soul needed to learn this round, these people are not meant for you to hold on to. So, when these situations arise do not fight it, Let it Go.

Examples are including significant other cheating, not giving you attention (if your important you will receive that attention), being ghosted, rumors being spread, lying, sarcastic or hateful tone when communicating, not being available, not listening, lack of communication, etc. Now this covers all types of relationships, Friends family or life Partner. These are toxic situations, and you should be careful.

Recognize your patterns, see that you are not the victim, Life is just supposed to happen this way and you have a choice to make, will you let it Break you or will you break it.

Take a Deep Breath and Break that Cycle.