Solar Eclipse Week


Well, here we are it’s time for the solar eclipse. And since you know I follow the moon and that moon is going to be in Aries today tomorrow and Tuesday with the new moon. Then we start the waxing and we start growing so once this eclipse is over we can open ourselves up to the desires that we want. Be careful because mercury is still in retrograde and make sure that you are putting forth the precise um wording that you need to communicate but once the eclipse is over all bets are off, honey do what you need to do for your greater happiness.

. The beginning stages of this week with the moon being in Aries tells us to take action to reach outside of ourselves and take risks the things that we want and desire are worth fighting for. Following it through the rest of this week with the Taurus and Gemini moons that are showing us the drive to get up and go and speak our truth and be a little bit stubborn be bullheaded be unapologetic about what you want.

I look forward to discussing What’s in the Shadows this Week!

Card 1:  Justice

Card 2: Four of Swords

Card 3: Page of Pentacles

Lady Gwendolyn Speaks

This week’s reading is very telling in its story so timeline we are looking at the next month in this situation not just this week.

The time has come for the justice card to lay out some serious karma. So, what I’m seeing here is we are going to create that balance in our life but at the same time the eclipse energy seems to set things right on a projected path that is for our higher good.

Now where the four swords kind of give me the projected timeline of a month it also is a reminder that during this period, we tend to go within ourselves and get depressed and beat ourselves up with this karma that we are going to be receiving is merely a lesson it is not meant to dilapidate you to bring you down or cause you depression. It would be a good thing if you could be mindful to use this time to lay out your plans now as we’ve talked about it being a mercury retrograde. I’m not suggesting that communication be happening, but I am suggesting that you lay out your plans.

The final card is the page of pentacles this adorable messenger is here to tell you that your finances are going to start getting better as I said within the next month of a timeline but how do I suggest working with this energy yeah like we’ve been talking about planning it out create a desired budget this is how much money I hope to have this is what I can afford this is what I want to have in my life so you need a new car well take a look at your budget in how much money you’re going to need to accommodate that new vehicle and then write it out and incorporate that. This financial uplift isn’t exactly something that you are going to get a large sum or something like that you are going to be working for it but it’s how it’s worked into your life that needs to be addressed OK so make sure that you are considering all aspects of your life your home family finances whenever you are wanting to incorporate in something new

I hope this week’s reading reaches you in a wonderful place.

Take care this week and remember that I am here for you and am here to guide you through whatever you need, especially during these trying times.

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Don’t be afraid, It’s worth it!

Lady Gwendolyn

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