No this is Not a April Fools Joke


Well, hello there how are you faring during this eclipse season are you having a lot of angry outbursts are you going frustrated are you having a lot of anxiety do you feel like you’re being backed into a corner well let me tell you this is standard energy right now.

While yes we had the lunar eclipse last week this week brings us in the mercury retrograde on April Fool’s Day but let me tell you it is no joke. Mercury will be following us through the majority of April into April 25th and the energies that we have going up until then are intense. Not only should you not be making any decisions based on long-term contracts or uh mediocre communication that’s just going to develop into arguments you do not need that stay away from the drama as much as you possibly can

This week’s moon trajectory takes us from Capricorn back into Aries where it meets the sun this weekend. That path 2 Aquarius and a Pisces midweek where we’re at right now opens us to having our emotions in check to not caring to being emotional and then being closed off and fiery so all of these bubbling imagine a boiling pot of water that’s how our feelings are this week.

Another thing to consider is that we are gearing up for the full moon so as we move through This is why it intensifies the general feeling of the April 8th eclipse is very overwhelming very high intense energy.

I look forward to talking with you more about What’s in the Shadows this Week!

Card 1: The Magician

Card 2: King of Pentacles

Card 3: 10 of swords

Lady Gwendolyn Speaks

So looking at these three cards this week’s energy is telling us that we need to stabilize ourselves and get ourselves where we feel stable grounded and set ourselves up for that money yes mercury went into retrograde but that does not mean that we can’t put in the hard work and the effort that is needed we’re starting with the magician card which is the creation of things so whatever you are wanting to create and manifest this year focus on that this week because you’re going to use it next week during the eclipse. The king of pinnacles is called the big boss CEO energy is the type of energy you need in your life right now taking control setting um the boundaries not letting people tell you what to do knowing what you want knowing the plan of action and you’re the one that’s going to be able to implement that. The final card 10 of Swords is the very telling one because this is a major conflict of energies the 10 of Swords tells us we need to communicate which is great yes we should communicate but with mercury now being in retrograde mind your words be careful of what you are saying and whom you are saying them to

Take care this week, and remember that I am here for you and am here to guide you through whatever you need, especially during these trying times.

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Don’t be afraid, It’s worth it!

Lady Gwendolyn

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