Goodbye April, Hello May!


I’m sure sometimes whenever you read these you wonder why I talk so much about the moon I’m drawn to it like I recognize what a sign or sun is in which currently is in Taurus, but the moon changes every few days so it affects our energy the fastest.

So this week the energy affects us because the moon travels from Capricorn to Aquarius and into Pisces. I know, I know What does this mean for you?

OK so while the moon had intense energy at the end of last week and through the weekend is because of the full moon. It is now in the process of losing that intensity, so going through the stages this week we are looking at providing structure.

Monday and throughout the rest of the week looking at it from an intellectual and emotional perspective. So what is it that you want to accomplish in the next six months? Trust me it is not very long at all.

Might I suggest on Wednesday make a special point to have lunch with a friend, meet for coffee, or share a phone call or video chat whatever works for you, and talk to this friend about their goals? Maybe there would be something that the two of you can set together to keep each other accountable for. Good Luck finding your goal buddy.

I look forward to discussing What’s in the Shadows this Week!

Card 1:  Page of cups

Card 2: King of cups

Card 3: Queen of cups

Lady Gwendolyn Speaks

This week’s Tarot reading is screaming the need to communicate with your partner. So the page of cups is bringing about a message, so this could be anything from something that has had you concerned or something that you have a question about that you’ve been holding off because you may think it’ll start a fight, this reading this week is all about having that communication.

My advice is to go into it and set a comfortable atmosphere and then approach the issue, be mindful of how you come across, even though Mercury is out of retrograde we are still dealing in the shadow. So we don’t want to come across as aggressive or obsessive. Good Luck!

Take care this week and remember that I am here for you and am here to guide you through whatever you need, especially during these trying times.

This Week’s Schedule: Please Note: All times listed below are Eastern Standard Time. ⌚My General Availability is Monday through Thursday 6 am -11 pm Friday through Sunday 6 am -11 am 6 pm-2 am EST

📲Call Availability is 6 am-11 am and 6 pm –11 pm EST Daily 💬Chat and Email Readings are Available During and Between Call Available times!

Don’t be afraid, It’s worth it!

Lady Gwendolyn

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