Weekly Update 2-13/2-18

It is time for the Message of the Week. 

This Week the Focus is on our Relationships. Love is on Everyone’s Mind. Nourish your Relationships. Friends and family,  Not everyone is in a relationship. and if you are seeking someone don’t give up yet. Get Dressed up treat yourself Love is also Self-Love. 

Choose Kindness, Share Love and Gratiude with those you love and Enjoy your Life this week. Don’t take anything for granted. 

Also I just got a Vision of you recieving a unexpected gift. Hear that person out, give them a chance. 

Alright, So Weekly Reading Time.

The first Card is Queen of Wands She is Saying Yes to Love and fulfilling your Passions. Dont let Fear hold you back be confident. 

The second Card is Six of Pentacles. The Stablity of your Relationships are strong but Has room to improve. Make sure that when you are moving forward you do so carefully, the timing is important for the right choices. 

The third card is  Eight of Swords. Loyalty is the Keyword here. Your not afraid to say what you think and that is great being that comfortable but make sure in doing so you are being Loyal to those you Love.

My Schedule for this week is Eastern Standard Time

Monday 5 pm -10 pm

Tuesday 5 am-10 pm

Wednesday 10 am – 10 pm

Thursday 11 am-1o pm 

Friday 12 pm-10 pm

Saturday 8 am-10 pm 

Sunday 8 am-10 pm

Don’t be Afraid, It’s Worth It!

Lady Gwendolyn 

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