Weekly Update 2/5-2/11

It is time for the Message of the Week. 

Well, this is New Moon Week and during this time we are setting those intentions. With the moon in Aquarius, this is the Great time to look at your Dreams as not just visions. But Manifestations create the unthinkable. The Eternal feeling of being out of this world. 

Step out of your comfort zone be Free to be yourself unapologeticly. 

Alright, So Weekly Reading Time.

The first Card is Princess of Pentacles, Oh my this card is showing the planting of seeds and welcoming new growth. What is it that you want to recieve from this year what area of your life do you want to grow in? 

The second Card is The Emperor, We are getting strong Aries vibes here. The Emperor is the father figure of the tarot. he is a reminder that your guides are going to lead you in the right direction trust your Heart. If you feel a strong pull that is the Passion showing you the way. 

The third card is Six of Wands this Representing a message from your guides about your Passions and desires. See a pattern here. its about what you want out of life and your goals this year. They are saying Dont Quit you must persevere. 

My Schedule for this week is Eastern Standard Time

Monday 6 am -10 pm

Tuesday 6 am- 11am 10 pm

Wednesday  Offline

Thursday 6 am-10 am  

Friday 6 am-10 pm

Saturday 6 am-10 pm 

Sunday 6 am-10 pm

Don’t be Afraid, It’s worth it,

Lady Gwendolyn 

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