A Look ahead 2024 By Lady Gwendolyn

Look I know it’s been a rough year of Changes and transformations that we needed to go through. 

Right Now with the Full Moon Beginning, we should take the time to reflect on what we just went through and what our next step is. 

Let’s look at the Yearly forecast for 2024. 


The Prince of Swords: We will be facing our Duality. Imagine being forced to take a look in the mirror.


The 6 of Pentacles: Don’t be in too big of a hurry in your relationship. Your partner will appreciate the time you are willing to spend with them. 


The 6 of Cups: You are going to fight for your Emotions. Be it in a relationship or setting your boundaries, don’t let others make choices for you. 


The 5 of Wands: Diffing into your Passions and stirring the Pot a little bit, either with a new hobby or Other means of enjoyment.


9 of Cups: this will be Your Happiest Time for Love. Just like Spring Everything is booming and waking up. 


10 of Wands: those ideas plans and Hobbies you started in April are going to take hold in June.


10 of Swords; In July embrage that Leo Energy late in the Month and Roar. You have a lot to say and Honey it’s about time you let it out. You are tired of other words or them taking advantage of you. It is Time to Cut them out. 


The Tower: Oh YeaH Time to flip the House upside down look at the potential and put your energy into the Home you want to keep. One that will bring you Peace. 


Ah The High Priestess: She is Daring you to Step into September with new ideas and fresh Perspectives, if it is going back to school or refocusing at work now is the time. 


Ace of Wands: This Energy is all About you. Make October your Self Care Month. Take Notes from Libras on the Self Care of Venus energy and the Scorpio energy to Understand you are a force to be reconed with and you are superior. 


6 of Wands; is telling you not to be to eager or or over indulgent in life. Mind your Budget and keep those savings accounts safe. 


10 of Pentacles.: Congradulations for making it this far.in December your Home life is changing. opening up and Being made bigger. You could be helping out a friend or Adding on a new area or workspace, December is the time to do it. 

My Schedule for this week is Eastern Standard Time

Monday 7 am-10 pm

Tuesday 7 am-10 pm

Wednesday 10 am-10 pm

Thursday 11 am-10 pm 

Friday 7 am-10 pm

Saturday 7 am-10 pm 

Sunday 7 am-10 pm

Happy to be here for you,

Lady Gwendolyn 

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