Weekly Update and Schedule 12/11-12/17

What’s going on this week? Well you know I always have something to talk about.

Not only are we feeling that Sexual tension energy from last week going strong, With the Venus in Scorpio. The New Moon in Sagittarius is on Tuesday the 12th. But of course, now the Universe hits us with our Final Mercury Retrograde of 2023. And it will last till January 1st. And Mars is in Sagitarrius. fighting Fire with Fire. 

Ok so Breaking it Down, This is a Great Week for Not only Manifesting your Desires but when State clearly and concise, Big Changes come. Now as for Desires, this falls under Relationships, Creating Work spaces and With all of this Sagitarius Fire energy, a big focus on Fun. Yes Enjoying Life and Experiances. 

You have Been stuck in your Private Loop for so Long that the time is now to Break those chains and be free to Be yourself. I just cannot Stress the need to remove the restrainst this week through December 18th. 

Alright so Card Pull for the Week..Using My Celestial Tarot Deck

Card #1 Ace of Wands- Absolutley Giving Queen Cassiopeia Energy, This Fire card Like this Sagitarus energy is Feeling Supeorir and Putting ourselves first. 

Card #2 Six of Wands- The Constelletaion of Corvus the Messanger, and The Message I feel that is coming through is actually watch your spending. While Im suggesting to have Fun and Enjoy Life dont over extend your Budget. That Mars energy is giving you Side Eye saying it wants changes for the Quality of Life expanding not Losing everything. 

Card #3 The Star -This is where the Manifesting and New Moon energy come into Play.. In this Deck The Star is Represented by Aquarius. So this card is Pointing Straight at Creating what you want, looking at the Bigger Picture, and Doing What it takes with the Knowledge to Pull it off. So I suggest really focusing on what your goals are and what you need to do with making it a reality.

Remember you got to put in the Work, the Universe doesnt just hand out Gifts. It makes your Earn it. 

My Schedule for this week is Eastern Standard Time

Monday 7 am-1 pm

Tuesday 8 am-10 pm

Wednesday 12 pm-10 pm

Thursday 8 am-10 pm 

Friday 8 am-11 pm

Saturday 8 am-11 am 

Sunday 8 am-11 pm

Dont be Afraid, Its worth it,

Lady Gwendolyn 

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