Shadow Talk: Finding Your Tribe

Welcome to Phase 2 of our Healing Journey. I hope last month’s affirmations got you through some tough times as the holiday season begins. How did you do with the Affirmations, did you get into a routine? How did you feel afterwards? Did you gain some faith in yourself?

This is an exceedingly challenging time of year for most people and that Faith in yourself is especially important. Not everyone is in the Mood for Santa or Elves and some feel like isolation is better. While I do understand needing some alone time. I hope for your own mental health you don’t stay there.

Something I, myself am currently struggling with is feeling like I have a Tribe. Where is my support System?

I have one of course, we all do. When your Mental Health takes a front Row Seat in your theater it tries to change the Program on you. BE the Director of your own world, don’t let false thoughts beat you down.

The People in your life play distinct roles. Not everyone is a person of support. Your Boss and Co-workers are not a place to speak freely. They are people you work with, and most of the time unless you really connect with someone and they become your work bestie, they only care about getting the job done, Making that money.

If you feel like you don’t have a tribe its ok, Lets touch on some things you can do to find your tribe.

Well since I work in the Shadows of Mental Health, let’s dig a bit into what we look for in this style of relationship. If this Helps guide you in other relationships, feel free to us this.

Alright, here is a Checklist.

  • Love yourself, Self Confidence comes in time, but showing yourself Love means that you are open to having love for someone else.
  • Self-Reflection What kind of a Person do I want in my Life? What supportive traits do you want them to show?
  • Join a Group or Organization that has people of similar interest to you.
  • Try Something new, go to the Gym, a fun restaurant, heard of a get together or support group go and step out of your comfort zone a little bit.
  • Watch out for people who are toxic or speak against your interest. You can be friendly, of course, however, don’t allow someone else’s view or opinions keep you from exploring your own.
  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable and accept someone you genuinely connect with.
  • Don’t be afraid to express yourself or reach out if Help is Needed.
  • Allow Kindness, Love and Trust into your World.

Good Luck getting out there and meeting someone new. I hope you find someone to be your support, your friend, your Family, Your Tribe!

Thank you for Joining me in Phase 2 of our healing Journey. Every month we will have an exercise to work on for a month. Since I identify as a shadow witch I believe in some Shadow work, so that will be incorporated into our steps.

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