Shadow Talk: Have Faith

22. Have Faith

One of the first steps in Healing is the hardest, Believing in yourself.

Knowing that you must first believe that you have the ability, the free will, and the desire to change, tends to be extremely hard to realize.

Most of us that suffer from some traumas have a challenging time finding the strength or desire to believe in anything. Why? What makes us struggle?

For years we had either Been Gaslighted, lied to, or put down so much that we tend to believe in the negative aspects of Life, that we are worthless, or told we are crazy. After a while of being told we have imagined everything, well we sometimes tend to believe that we really are the Problem.

When we are ready to move past the situation, we often seek out guidance. That can come in the form of friends, clergy, counselors, sometimes you Pray. Well, where do you Pray too? Who is going to provide you with answers?

Whether you believe in God, Multiple Deities or The Great Spirit or Earth, you have the Power to Speak directly to the source. Look in this blog I am not saying you are God or trying to give you a God Complex, but it is important to realize that the person you should be having those hard conversations with is yourself.

Let’s Get Started!

Affirmations, Say them with me.

I am Important!

I believe in myself!

I am Strong!

I create my own path!

My Future is for Me!

My feelings Matter!

I can make my own choices!

Say these every day and you may have to spoken reminders that you have found the Faith and the Strength within yourself and only you can rescue the new version of you.

Now go, put on some music, make you a Cup of Tea or Coffee and take some quiet time to reflect. See the New you in your mind and Who you want to become. Manifest the Greatness you are about to become.

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