Weekly Update 1/22- 1/28

It is time for the Message of the Week. 

The Full Moon this week is Thursday. It moves into Cancer on Tues bringing in the Specific time to celebrate those around you that you love, care about and appreciate. Make a Dinner Date, Have Lunch with your Friends. Make sure those you care about are aware of how much you mean to them. 

Then on Thursday its the day Of the Full Moon in Leo, This is the time to find what makes you shine your brightest and embrace that part of yourself despite any fear of rejection. It teaches you to love yourself fiercely and let love change the world.So then for the remainder of this week I suggest being a lottle selfish and focus on yourself and special self care. Buy yourself what you have been putting off. Get that special drink for yourself or Watch your favorite Show. Whatever you do enjoy yourself. 

Alright, So Weekly Reading Time.

The first Card is Eight of Swords With this card we get that sometimes feeling trapped unable to say what you need to say. Its ok those words need said. 

The second Card is King of Cups. He is hear to Tell you have strength, Say how you feel. He is the perfect sign for this Full Moon. Reminding you that you are worthy of Love and that your value is what you should be aware of when you consider who you are talking too.

The third card is Six of Wands. Someone is going to be coming into your life, I wouldnt 100% say they are from your past but if feels like they are familar. So you absolutely know them, Be open to what they have to say, they are truly speaking from the heart. 

My Schedule for this week is Eastern Standard Time

Monday 1 pm -10 pm

Tuesday 6 am-10 pm

Wednesday 6 am- 8:30 am 11 am – 10 pm

Thursday 6 am-1o pm 

Friday 6 am-10 pm

Saturday 6 am-10 pm 

Sunday 6 am-10 pm

Happy to be here for you,

Lady Gwendolyn 

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