Weekly Update 1/15-1/21

Hey Hun,

It is time for the Message of the Week. 

The Moon Starts in Aries and Works its way through Taurus and Gemini this week. We really need to focus on putting our energy into Manifesting our wants and needs for this year. 

Uranus retrograde in Taurus puses us to consider our finances and relationship goals.

Are you looking for a new job or career path? Wondering when the Money flow will shift. Now is the time to plan our budget like the Money is already here. What do you want to accomplish this year, A new car? a House? a special vacation. plan for it. 

How is that relationship? Is this really something you want to put up with in the future? Take a look from the outside looking in. What advice would you give yourself?

If you want to make the Changes you Have until January 27th, when Uranus goes direct. 

Alright, So Weekly Reading Time.

The first Card is Wheel of Fortune, Be prepared for the Shift Coming LIfe is going to change. We are collectively headed for a Transitional Phase during the Spring Months of March April and May. 

The second Card is Page of Swords, The MEssage is loud and clear, Make your wants and desires as specific as you can. 

The third card is the Moon, This one is in regards to the relationships in your life. Someone that you have been questioning is really not being straight with you. Unfortunatly you have been suspecting for a while. This is the Conformation you Needed. 

My Schedule for this week is Eastern Standard Time

Monday 8am -10 pm

Tuesday 8 am-10 pm

Wednesday 10am – 7 pm

Thursday 8 am-1o pm 

Friday 8 am-10 pm

Saturday 8 am-10 pm 

Sunday 8 am-10 pm

Happy to be here for you,

Lady Gwendolyn 

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