Welcome to 2024!

It is time for the Message of the Week. Welcome to 2024 You made it out in 1 piece. I have recently posted Energy Readings for Each Month, a 2024 overview in my blog. It is available now. 

Mercury and Jupiter went direct within the last 24 hours. Give yourself a few days to adjust, For example as I am looking at it The 2 of them cleared out, or is clearing out that closet that you never use, and it’s time to clean your space. Uranus is the Final Planet in Retrograde and we have them till January 27. So the time of moving forward is here, No more holiding back. Make the changes you have always wanted.

Alright, So Weekly Reading Time.

First Card is 6 of Pentacles- Financials will be picking back up soon, Keep on Budget and manage yourself well, Thats the Key part but it will get you through until this uplift we are all going to go through.

Second Card is 10 of Wands- Let Go of all those Burdens, Toss them to the ground Scream and Say enough is enough. Only pick up what really clls you and wants to be of support to you, No more letting others Use you.

The third card is Prince of Pentacles (Knight)-  Now Now This Prince isnt just a Fighter they are a Lover as well. They will worship you and shower you with gifts and attention. They know how to create a Home and keep a healthy lifestyle. Be ready for that Partner this month. 

My Schedule for this week is Eastern Standard Time

Monday & am -10 pm

Tuesday 11 am-10 pm

Wednesday 10 am-1 pm   4 pm-10 pm

Thursday 8 am-1o pm 

Friday 8 am-10 pm

Saturday 8 am-10 pm 

Sunday 8 am-10 pm

Happy to be here for you,

Lady Gwendolyn 

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