Shadow Talk: Entrapment

What holds us back?

What keeps us down?

What entraps us?

Have you ever been told something you did wasn’t good enough or been told it so much you begin to believe it? That is an example of outside influence. We hold on to what we are told as we grow up because we are learning, and we don’t know any better. That frame of mind gets embedded into our minds as a learned behavior.

As we grow up and see what others do, act, say we also take that in. Everyone learns from another person. Imagine the Damage one negative person can do in a group of ten. It spreads like a virus. Pretty soon you become entrapped by the Negative ideas and eventually you are the only one holding yourself back with the I can’t and I’ll never be good at anything.

Imagine the Possibilities you can create just by changing your own thought process. One where you are the one in control, not anyone else.

It all comes down to mindfulness. While I am no expert, I do know that it worked for me, and I am here to help you.

Start with the simple little things. For example, as a child did you want to participate in school activities, Band, Choir, basketball, or Art Shows How did they overcome their fears and insecurities? Most likely they either had someone supporting them or they Did it themselves.

Mantras and Meditations are a good way to start. I am Strong, I and Powerful, I am Fearless, I am Good, I love Myself, I can do anything, I worked hard for this, I will overcome.

Don’t forget that the Power of Positive thinking isn’t enough. You really must put the work into it. Practice Truly does make perfect. Journaling your progress is a great way to remind you to go further each day, and it doesn’t have to be written down.  You can add simple notes in your calendar app for the day. Dreams as Well. Setting an Alarm on your phone giving yourself inspirational quotes. You can often find Apps everywhere to help boost your self Confidence and Self Esteem.

Try a little more each day. Remind yourself when you fall into your old habits and start those old behaviors again to yell at yourself. Lol productively. Don’t ever give yourself negative feedback. If you catch yourself doing it, work on reframing the statement. Instead of saying You are Horrible at this, Tell Yourself. Great Try! Let’s practice and do better next time.

It’s hard to remind yourself that you are a Beautiful Work in Progress and It’s perfectly ok to Stumble and take steps backward. If you do, You get Up Brush yourself off, and Keep your Head up.

“Never give up” may be a very overused saying. But I have found out that it works very well in my family.  It has gotten us through some very tough Anxiety and Highly Stressful situations. Once you find the one that works for you it will become your family Motto.

Childhood Trauma doesn’t have to destroy your life. You can break free from the Entrapment of our Minds. Break the Chains that held you back and Change Your Fate in the Process. Get out there Wake Up and Be Free.

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