Shadow Talk: Love

Let’s talk about forbidden love and Star Crossed Soul Mates.

How many times have you fallen deeply in love and it just didn’t work out so you take a break and try to reunite later in life? Maybe the Feelings never went away, maybe your heart was always with them and you just finally opened up yourself enough to allow someone else to enter.

It could be THat Eternal Soul Bond, Your Soulmate. As we Pass through Many lifetimes on our Journey We develop a few of these relationships. However, one is Always stronger than the others. Not all those relationships are of the Eternal Soul as I call it. The Eternal Soul is the one that you compare all other relationships are defined by. 

The Eternal Soul Bond

Once you have connected with this person you can recall every memory, See into each other thoughts and Even find them wherever they may be. It’s the feeling that you just Know. The Psychic Claircognizant is what connects you. 

No matter where you go in life the Eternal Soul Bond is always connected to you. Even when you lose the Person in Life you may fall into the deepest stages of Grief and you will feel like you life is ending. I have experienced this personally and you truly feel like your heart is ripped in pieces. 

It takes a long time to move forward from that loss and I still needed this person’s approval for future relationships. Well ok I didn’t need it but I felt better with this person’s approval. Nobody knows me better, who else could see compatibility from an outside point of you. 

If you’re Lucky you can reconnect as Best Friends and Truly support Each other while you are both in other Relationships.  This May Also be Why so Many are in Multiple Relationships at once. Poly Relationships are because you love more than one person at a time. This Can Be from the Eternal Soul Bond as Well. Deep Emotional Connections aren’t just based on Astrology and Feelings, it’s For A HIgher Purpose. 

The High Purpose can range from anywhere from being in a supportive role in the other’s growth to being the Reason that the other person’s path becomes off course and destructive. Look at your past relationships: have you had an Eternal Soul Bond or was it a Forbidden Love.

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