Let’s Talk About: Mental Stress

I wouldn’t be following my own advice and would not be True to You my People, my Clients, and my Friends if I didn’t talk about what’s going on in my own life. I took a Mental Break with No Let’s Talk About Blog or Shadow Talk because I was dealing with my own inner turmoil.

How Can Someone with a Mental Illness possibly help me through my issues you ask?

Because I don’t allow it to Keep me down, and our Motto around here is Never Give Up. We work as we heal, and we heal as we work. Waiting until we are healed to begin to work, or waiting until we are done working to heal would leave us waiting forever. My Mamaw instilled that in me and I’ve passed it on to my little.

A bit About me, I am 41 and diagnosed with Bipolar Anxiety depression, and PTSD. I also struggle with Suicidal thoughts and Into the Void while Driving. I am on Meds and Attend Weekly Therapy.  So After watching me go downhill for 2 weeks, my therapist called my doctor’s office and I got seen the next day.

So here I am back to work. What happened? Well, for those that are not aware, besides all you see here, I am A High Priestess and I Host an Event called Central WV Pagan Pride. It’s a rather large Event that I and several others work very hard on. I had Been working on Creating the Program for the Event and Was Hyper Focused and Dedicated to getting it done. I was waiting on Feedback from everyone as well as putting it together how I wanted it to be sent off to the editor. And once I did I felt 1000% better. 

A Tragedy was averted and that very morning I sent over what parts I had done to be edited and completed. So I was feeling good and relieved. 

They Truly are the Best. All you see here is our Working together. mysticpcwv.com

My Doctor’s orders, “Start sooner so you don’t get stressed.” Lol, I love his optimism but unfortunately, it’s never that simple is it.  We literally create stress on ourselves, don’t we? If something is coming up and we are not necessarily looking forward to it don’t we create obstacles and blocks in our path. That is manifestation. In our minds it becomes physical. You are more Powerful than you think. Our mind is More Powerful than you give it credit for. 

Our Minds are Both a Blessing and a Curse. It Will be our Biggest Protector and our Biggest Creator. It’s always easier to say take time for yourself. But when you are in that state of mind you can feel that the world will be destroyed if you don’t get the project completed, Sounds Silly doesn’t it? Ever have a project due in school and feel the stress of getting it completed on time. That’s it.  Some Get Hyper Focused and That’s what I did. It’s a Toxic trait of being so much of a Virgo. Lol Cause Ya know too much of one thing is bad for you. I recognize it. Remember Seeing the Traits is the first Part of Changing yourself and Creating the Life you want. 

Give Yourself Time Like My Doctor ordered and Take Breaks Reach out some will step up and Help You. Talk to your friends and agree who will step in to Do What in times of Stress, Create a Plan. They are your Support Team for a Reason. Who is going to the grocery store? Who is Cleaning and who is Cooking. These are great tools to think about. 

What about you have any ideas? Comment Below.

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