Shadow Talk: Sadness

You will find me talking a lot about Mental Health here on my Page. I am Not a therapist. This is all a part of my healing journey and Helping Guide others along the way. If I can help in any way, I want the opportunity to do so.  Is Sadness a State of Mind, An Emotion? A Condition? NO, it is a Symptom.

IT is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong. I stated in my introduction post that I Have Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and PTSD. Sadness is my first Alert Symptom, and It takes me a while to get there. For you think of it as your body’s red flag Alert System. 

I have gone days and not understood just exactly what was wrong with me. Just seemed very off. Could your mind be grieving about something? Did a conversation not go as planned? Something was left unsaid? In that case, I caution you, always show those you love you care and never leave things unsaid. I have dealt with death a lot recently and I can tell you it’s best to always be truthful and upfront. I know I’m not the only one but that is my advice.

When You are feeling sadness, it gives you a sense of disregard for life and the simple pleasures you once desired. Depression is usually the cause. Seek a friend, a therapist, a clergy member, someone that can sympathize and guide you into the Light. 

Therefore, I am here to offer some time and advice. I have been there I have had the Depression Black Outs. Yes, those are Real. This last time I had a blackout depression I was functioning very well for all my daily tasks, but my mind was just in a different mode. I’m a little proud of my mind. It bought me a book for depression and anxiety. It’s a 30-day interactive book kind of like a self-Help journal. I’m excited to start it. I believe doing it with a clear mind will help when times truly get tough.

Pay attention to your body and your symptoms like sadness. Think of a solution. Partake in a hobby. So something that makes you happy. Do not allow yourself to get too far off the path. Remember You are Loved, you are important and you are Valued. 

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