Shadow Talk: Wild

When was the last time you were able to let out your wild side? Your primal scream can be your first step. Just by taking a few moments to allow yourself to go into nature and release your voice. Your next step while you’re out in those woods is to ground. Now I’m picturing my favorite place to go, it has a river, a stream works just as well, put your hands or feet in the water and visualize all your sadness, uncertainty, and anxiety just washing away.

Look at the lady in the photo. She seems to be searching, doesn’t she? What is she searching for? Does she find her way through the darkness? Does she see how her wild side can emerge? How can she release the restrictions that have been placed on her since childhood? A new world is out there for her to take on. Leaving behind all that tore her down.

She now realizes she is free and can allow herself to become the person she has always dreamed about becoming. She has no restrictions, no one around making her feel inadequate. She is the Woman of her own Dreams.

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