Spiritual Awakenings

If you have never been through a Spiritual Awakening then what are you doing with your life? Why are you closed off to growth? What is holding you back?

Yeah I know it’s not for everyone. Growth is scary, hard, messy, emotional and you may feel like your going crazy. See not for everyone. However, I would venture to say that everyone reading this is open and ready for change. 

While there is no right way or 12 step program for Spiritual Awakenings the first thing to know is Remember to Breath. The second thing is to remember you will be ok and Help is available. 

I myself am going through a different kind of spiritual awakening at the moment. A psychic awakening.  Thoughts and feelings, the senses are going out of control. One minute I just know things, the next I am tasting things I haven’t eaten or cigarettes I hadn’t smoked and I have been smoke-free for 7 years. From experience, I know that this is short-lived and as long as I embrace the energy from this, the sooner I will be on the next level. 

When you open yourself up to learning and understanding the world around you, you mostly feel a bit out of control. New thoughts, ideas, and emotions will start flooding in. Didn’t I say it was scary? Journaling has been the go-to for this, but I’m not much of a Journaler. That’s why we have voice-to-text options. Reading back over your thoughts and feelings will help you put things into perspective, and sort through them a lot easier. 

Meditation is also another outlet for you to gain control. By connecting to the source energy through meditation you are allowing the spiritual knowledge to categorize and get in line. Meditation isn’t always sitting crossed-legged and vocalizing the Ohm. it’s about finding a place for your mind to find relaxation. That can be getting lost in your music, reading a book, watching a candle or fire burn, or getting lost in a flowing river. 

For me, it’s hugging a tree, listening to the Peepers at night, it’s also people watching and seeing how others interact with Emotions and circumstances. You soon see what others don’t see in themselves and begin to see your own patterns so that you can create a better version of yourself. 

The Shadow work comes into play, but that is for another time.

Love you all talk to ya soon!

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