Shadow Talk: Sadness

You will find me talking a lot about Mental Health here on my Page. I am Not a therapist. This is all a part of my healing journey and Helping Guide others along the way. If I can help in any way, I want the opportunity to do so.  Is Sadness a State of Mind, An Emotion? A Condition? NO, it is a Symptom.

IT is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong. I stated in my introduction post that I Have Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and PTSD. Sadness is my first Alert Symptom, and It takes me a while to get there. For you think of it as your body’s red flag Alert System. 

I have gone days and not understood just exactly what was wrong with me. Just seemed very off. Could your mind be grieving about something? Did a conversation not go as planned? Something was left unsaid? In that case, I caution you, always show those you love you care and never leave things unsaid. I have dealt with death a lot recently and I can tell you it’s best to always be truthful and upfront. I know I’m not the only one but that is my advice.

When You are feeling sadness, it gives you a sense of disregard for life and the simple pleasures you once desired. Depression is usually the cause. Seek a friend, a therapist, a clergy member, someone that can sympathize and guide you into the Light. 

Therefore, I am here to offer some time and advice. I have been there I have had the Depression Black Outs. Yes, those are Real. This last time I had a blackout depression I was functioning very well for all my daily tasks, but my mind was just in a different mode. I’m a little proud of my mind. It bought me a book for depression and anxiety. It’s a 30-day interactive book kind of like a self-Help journal. I’m excited to start it. I believe doing it with a clear mind will help when times truly get tough.

Pay attention to your body and your symptoms like sadness. Think of a solution. Partake in a hobby. So something that makes you happy. Do not allow yourself to get too far off the path. Remember You are Loved, you are important and you are Valued. 

Let’s Talk About: Mental Stress

I wouldn’t be following my own advice and would not be True to You my People, my Clients, and my Friends if I didn’t talk about what’s going on in my own life. I took a Mental Break with No Let’s Talk About Blog or Shadow Talk because I was dealing with my own inner turmoil.

How Can Someone with a Mental Illness possibly help me through my issues you ask?

Because I don’t allow it to Keep me down, and our Motto around here is Never Give Up. We work as we heal, and we heal as we work. Waiting until we are healed to begin to work, or waiting until we are done working to heal would leave us waiting forever. My Mamaw instilled that in me and I’ve passed it on to my little.

A bit About me, I am 41 and diagnosed with Bipolar Anxiety depression, and PTSD. I also struggle with Suicidal thoughts and Into the Void while Driving. I am on Meds and Attend Weekly Therapy.  So After watching me go downhill for 2 weeks, my therapist called my doctor’s office and I got seen the next day.

So here I am back to work. What happened? Well, for those that are not aware, besides all you see here, I am A High Priestess and I Host an Event called Central WV Pagan Pride. It’s a rather large Event that I and several others work very hard on. I had Been working on Creating the Program for the Event and Was Hyper Focused and Dedicated to getting it done. I was waiting on Feedback from everyone as well as putting it together how I wanted it to be sent off to the editor. And once I did I felt 1000% better. 

A Tragedy was averted and that very morning I sent over what parts I had done to be edited and completed. So I was feeling good and relieved. 

They Truly are the Best. All you see here is our Working together.

My Doctor’s orders, “Start sooner so you don’t get stressed.” Lol, I love his optimism but unfortunately, it’s never that simple is it.  We literally create stress on ourselves, don’t we? If something is coming up and we are not necessarily looking forward to it don’t we create obstacles and blocks in our path. That is manifestation. In our minds it becomes physical. You are more Powerful than you think. Our mind is More Powerful than you give it credit for. 

Our Minds are Both a Blessing and a Curse. It Will be our Biggest Protector and our Biggest Creator. It’s always easier to say take time for yourself. But when you are in that state of mind you can feel that the world will be destroyed if you don’t get the project completed, Sounds Silly doesn’t it? Ever have a project due in school and feel the stress of getting it completed on time. That’s it.  Some Get Hyper Focused and That’s what I did. It’s a Toxic trait of being so much of a Virgo. Lol Cause Ya know too much of one thing is bad for you. I recognize it. Remember Seeing the Traits is the first Part of Changing yourself and Creating the Life you want. 

Give Yourself Time Like My Doctor ordered and Take Breaks Reach out some will step up and Help You. Talk to your friends and agree who will step in to Do What in times of Stress, Create a Plan. They are your Support Team for a Reason. Who is going to the grocery store? Who is Cleaning and who is Cooking. These are great tools to think about. 

What about you have any ideas? Comment Below.

Shadow Talk: Love

Let’s talk about forbidden love and Star Crossed Soul Mates.

How many times have you fallen deeply in love and it just didn’t work out so you take a break and try to reunite later in life? Maybe the Feelings never went away, maybe your heart was always with them and you just finally opened up yourself enough to allow someone else to enter.

It could be THat Eternal Soul Bond, Your Soulmate. As we Pass through Many lifetimes on our Journey We develop a few of these relationships. However, one is Always stronger than the others. Not all those relationships are of the Eternal Soul as I call it. The Eternal Soul is the one that you compare all other relationships are defined by. 

The Eternal Soul Bond

Once you have connected with this person you can recall every memory, See into each other thoughts and Even find them wherever they may be. It’s the feeling that you just Know. The Psychic Claircognizant is what connects you. 

No matter where you go in life the Eternal Soul Bond is always connected to you. Even when you lose the Person in Life you may fall into the deepest stages of Grief and you will feel like you life is ending. I have experienced this personally and you truly feel like your heart is ripped in pieces. 

It takes a long time to move forward from that loss and I still needed this person’s approval for future relationships. Well ok I didn’t need it but I felt better with this person’s approval. Nobody knows me better, who else could see compatibility from an outside point of you. 

If you’re Lucky you can reconnect as Best Friends and Truly support Each other while you are both in other Relationships.  This May Also be Why so Many are in Multiple Relationships at once. Poly Relationships are because you love more than one person at a time. This Can Be from the Eternal Soul Bond as Well. Deep Emotional Connections aren’t just based on Astrology and Feelings, it’s For A HIgher Purpose. 

The High Purpose can range from anywhere from being in a supportive role in the other’s growth to being the Reason that the other person’s path becomes off course and destructive. Look at your past relationships: have you had an Eternal Soul Bond or was it a Forbidden Love.

Death and Loss

This past week I lost my Beloved Emotional Support Guinea Pig Thor. It was a tough one but he didn’t cross over alone. And that reminded me I wanted to give Death the honor around me that it deserves. Since the beginning of 2020, I have lost my Grandparents, my Father, My Mamaw’s dog Mimi, my Mothers Cat Minx and Now my Thor. He was my 2nd Guinea pig to Balder who I lost years ago.

Mamaw was My Rock, she was my Teacher and my Protector. Papaw was more my Father and they raised me while my mom, a single parent, worked to provide for us. We knew it was coming, we tried to prepare. The whole family did but it simply isn’t enough. The grieving process still hits you. Now even as I say this I don’t really feel like I had a chance to grieve.

You see, let’s back up. Mamaw and Papaw were neither feeling good that weekend and Papaw requested that Mama stay with him but she couldn’t because she didn’t feel good herself. So my Uncle and his friend stayed the weekend. That night Mamaw collapsed and we went straight to her. She was transported to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown and we all went to rest. They didn’t think she would make it but she held on. We called Papaw the next evening to give him an update on Mamaw said I Love you and Papaw Passed away in his sleep. He wasn’t alone.

We got the call on the way to Morgantown, turned around, and made it to him as soon as possible. Then decided not to tell mamaw. She had started making progress. Her last words to me were Hey Gwen and Love you too. I find myself crying a little now as I recall the memories. Mamaw held on till 2 days after Papaw’s Funeral, we never told her he was gone, I figured she already knew. I was there by Mamaw’s side holding her hand as she took her final Breath. I told her it was ok that we loved her and it was ok to move on. We understood.

I went straight into work mode, I created the Music list, the Slideshow of Photos and I wrote both Eulogies . I hope I made them proud. I still talk to them both all the time.

Things went differently with my Father. He called me as he was on his way to the hospital and said he would talk to me when he got out. He never went home. Last New I could tell him was hey Dad We are Tudors. Henry the VIII cousin actually lol. I did receive a call from his cell phone after he was gone though.

What bothers me is that he passed away alone, so many did in 2020. We didn’t have a great relationship, we just didn’t click well in this lifetime. I’m sure the next one will be better. The one thing I can say is for those that I lost they definitely knew I loved them. With my Father, My Church/Coven is Named after him and our Ancestral Roots, Rowan Temple of Light.

With All the Loss that I have had to face I was a little bit more prepared when I lost Thor. Today is actually my first day back to work actually and here I am writing about Death.

I want you to know that even though our loved ones aren’t physical anymore you don’t stop thinking about them, feeling them near, or even hear their voice. It sneaks up on you, but after feeling it a few times, it kind of becomes a comfort. Now I’m not saying everyone sticks around like ghosts, while I do believe in them, These are More like Energetic Memories. Memories that connect us to them whenever we need them the most.

Why is that the best? Because their energy then becomes part of you.

So that is the Best Part of Healing, taking in the lessons and the knowledge they shared with you allowing yourself to grow in the process becoming a super version of yourself because of them. So Let us all Grow to be Better More Super Beings With their Energetic Memories.

Shadow Talk: Wild

When was the last time you were able to let out your wild side? Your primal scream can be your first step. Just by taking a few moments to allow yourself to go into nature and release your voice. Your next step while you’re out in those woods is to ground. Now I’m picturing my favorite place to go, it has a river, a stream works just as well, put your hands or feet in the water and visualize all your sadness, uncertainty, and anxiety just washing away.

Look at the lady in the photo. She seems to be searching, doesn’t she? What is she searching for? Does she find her way through the darkness? Does she see how her wild side can emerge? How can she release the restrictions that have been placed on her since childhood? A new world is out there for her to take on. Leaving behind all that tore her down.

She now realizes she is free and can allow herself to become the person she has always dreamed about becoming. She has no restrictions, no one around making her feel inadequate. She is the Woman of her own Dreams.

Spiritual Awakenings

If you have never been through a Spiritual Awakening then what are you doing with your life? Why are you closed off to growth? What is holding you back?

Yeah I know it’s not for everyone. Growth is scary, hard, messy, emotional and you may feel like your going crazy. See not for everyone. However, I would venture to say that everyone reading this is open and ready for change. 

While there is no right way or 12 step program for Spiritual Awakenings the first thing to know is Remember to Breath. The second thing is to remember you will be ok and Help is available. 

I myself am going through a different kind of spiritual awakening at the moment. A psychic awakening.  Thoughts and feelings, the senses are going out of control. One minute I just know things, the next I am tasting things I haven’t eaten or cigarettes I hadn’t smoked and I have been smoke-free for 7 years. From experience, I know that this is short-lived and as long as I embrace the energy from this, the sooner I will be on the next level. 

When you open yourself up to learning and understanding the world around you, you mostly feel a bit out of control. New thoughts, ideas, and emotions will start flooding in. Didn’t I say it was scary? Journaling has been the go-to for this, but I’m not much of a Journaler. That’s why we have voice-to-text options. Reading back over your thoughts and feelings will help you put things into perspective, and sort through them a lot easier. 

Meditation is also another outlet for you to gain control. By connecting to the source energy through meditation you are allowing the spiritual knowledge to categorize and get in line. Meditation isn’t always sitting crossed-legged and vocalizing the Ohm. it’s about finding a place for your mind to find relaxation. That can be getting lost in your music, reading a book, watching a candle or fire burn, or getting lost in a flowing river. 

For me, it’s hugging a tree, listening to the Peepers at night, it’s also people watching and seeing how others interact with Emotions and circumstances. You soon see what others don’t see in themselves and begin to see your own patterns so that you can create a better version of yourself. 

The Shadow work comes into play, but that is for another time.

Love you all talk to ya soon!

Shadow Talk: Discover Your Life Purpose

Isn’t this what we all strive for?

To know, to fulfill. 

You could be here to show others inspiration.  To be a Parent, a  Healer, or share a great love with your soul mate.

Take the journey to free yourself from the limitations of your past. What you were told to hold you back doesn’t have to live in you anymore.

Break those chains, 

Access Consciousness and Access Bars

Ever heard of it? No? It’s ok I’ll lead you through my journey and how it can help you.

In 2019, I attended a psychic and metaphysical fair. So many wonderful vendors, readers, and healers. As I walked in I was immediately drawn to a table that had two chairs sitting there. I walked over and asked the question that changed everything.

What are Access Bars?

Since I’m sharing my experience I’ll tell you in my words. Let’s start with history, as I do love to learn. Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, channeled the treatment in 1990.

What are “the Bars” exactly? You Have 32 points on the head, which when lightly touched release old energies stuck in the brain and the body, allowing for tremendous and easy change.

Imagine cleaning out your closet. Your closet is your mind. That’s what the Bars allow. All the considerations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, judgments, and beliefs from any lifetime that are electrically stored in the brain release them. This release occurs when the bars are touched; it allows that stored junk to be released.

And let me tell you with that in mind, My first experience was so relaxing and it truly was the beginning of my new transition. I truly felt an overall calm come over me and clarity, it wasn’t too long until I started seeing things that were meant for me to face.

Although everyone has a different experience, that’s the beauty of it. At worst you will feel like you have had a massage. At best you will find clarity and your purpose. You may experience it. an increased sense of peace and ease, being less reactive to situations that might have upset you in the past, more restful and deep sleep, feeling that whatever was upsetting before the session doesn’t matter as much anymore.

Ok, so now I hope that gives you some kind of an Idea. My experience was a 20-minute session. That is the standard time of treatment at fairs to give you an idea and to make as many changes as possible. Length of time can go up to ninety minutes. I myself don’t offer that much time, 20-60 minutes is a well-balanced treatment I believe.

After those twenty minutes, it took me a few moments to stand up and find my balance again. My mind felt… free. A lightness that I had never experienced before. I have a before and after photo of myself that I love to look at. I can see the tenseness in my face before and the relaxation in the after. From that day on I knew I needed to know more.

As luck would have it, the hostess of the event was the practitioner’s teacher and when the Universe was ready, I attended her class. I decided that day I really wanted to pursue Access Bars. I love the teachings that Access Consciousness shares. All things come to me with Ease, Joy, and Glory. We are manifesting the changes during your session. Out with the old ideas and seeding the great ideas for you to Grow.

The Access Bars treatment is hands-on, before beginning we will discuss any sensitive areas, making your safe space as comfortable as possible.

I look forward to working with you!

Hello and Welcome to Lady Gwendolyn Healing

Hello and welcome to Lady Gwendolyn Healing. I am here to help you grow into a better version of yourself. 

 I have been on the journey of Self  Discovery my whole life, never feeling like I have never fit in anywhere. The one thing that stayed consistent was helping others in their lives as well as working as an In-Home Caregiver from the time I turned 17. I have always known I was going to be there to help make others’ lives better, and I have noticed changes every two years as my path shifts. I Live by two very important guidelines, Never Give up and Everyone Needs Care. 

I know that life changes and struggles are tough and it can drain everything out of you I want to be able to be there for you through the struggles to support you using Tarot, Crystals, Reiki, and Access Bars helping you see and create a better future for yourself and using power forms discs to create an energy that you want to feel and bring manifestations into your life.

I have created my own Special way to incorporate All aspects together, however, your session is based on your energy and what your specific needs are. I will walk you through the process to find the Best Way to Create the YOU you aspire to Be.

If you have found me you are ready to begin your new Journey take a deep breath let’s do it together.